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interaction/experience designer; currently master of design
graduate from the university of washington


research | interaction design | ui/ux design
Year-long research project that involves urban interaction design.
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augmented reality | interaction design
AR concept that allows non-technical designers to create empathy quickly with the Hololens
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experience design | speculative design
An exploration of how a future city might grapple with water restrictions.
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physical prototyping | experience design
Using simple sensing and processing features with the Arduino allowed the creation of furniture with quirky capabilities.
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graphic design | user experience design
A website re-design concept that focused on the experience of two types of visitors: those with affiliate programs and those without.
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in progress/research

research | participatory design

IoT Research

A collaborative, speculative project that re-imagines what Internet of Things objects could look like in a variety of homes.
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augmented reality | experience design
AR concept that looks at how an urban garden might have different interactions and meaning when the digital combines with the physical.
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Hi there! I’m an experience/interaction designer that focuses on the intersection of technology and our environment. I love screens, but am more interested in the ways technology interjects (and how we invite it) into our homes, our neighborhoods, etc. and in turn how that shapes our perception of the environment in which we live. Above all I love making things, which is why on a normal day you’ll find me sketching, crafting, and occasionally coding (although I’m still learning!)

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University of Washington
Seattle, WA | 2017-2019
Master of Design Candidate

Texas A&M University
College Station, TX  | 2008-2012
Environmental Design

Austin, TX | 2014
Front-End Development Course


Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign,
After Effects, Dreamweaver, Premiere

AutoCAD, SketchUp,
InVision, Hubspot


November 2014-February 2017  |  Austin, TX
Graphic Designer
-Re-branded internal and client-facing documents .
-Designed in-house marketing and client newsletters.
-Designed marketing materials that have grown SPC's mailing list
and established them as the go-to company for affiliate marketing information

How Do You Roll? Creative Asian Kitchen
February 2014-November 2014  |  Austin, TX
Creative Marketing Associate
-Responsible for the creative direction and design of all social media content
-Designed corporate sales materials such as franchise brochures,
promotional banners, coupons, and sales presentations.

Thinkery Children's Museum
September 2013-December 2013  |  Austin, TX
Graphic Design Intern
-Designed select exhibit signage along with print material for Thinkery's annual Imaginarium gala.

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I know, I first. But I'm having too much fun playing on Webflow right now so please check out my website on a desktop!