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interaction designer; currently master of design
candidate at the university of washington


augmented reality | interaction design

Stage AR

AR concept that allows non-technical designers to create empathy quickly with the Hololens
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experience design | speculative design
An exploration of how a future city might grapple with water restrictions.
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physical prototyping | experience design
Using simple sensing and processing features with the Arduino allowed the creation of furniture with quirky capabilities.
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graphic design | user experience design
A website re-design concept that focused on the experience of two types of visitors: those with affiliate programs and those without.
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in progress/research

research | participatory design

IoT Research

A collaborative, speculative project that re-imagines what Internet of Things objects could look like in a variety of homes.
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research | experimental
Year-long research project that involves urban interaction design.
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augmented reality | experience design
AR concept that looks at how an urban garden might have different interactions and meaning when the digital combines with the physical.
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University of Washington
Seattle, WA | 2017-2019
Master of Design Candidate

Texas A&M University
College Station, TX  | 2008-2012
Environmental Design

Austin, TX | 2014
Front-End Development Course


Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign,
After Effects, Dreamweaver, Premiere

AutoCAD, SketchUp,
InVision, Hubspot


November 2014-February 2017  |  Austin, TX
Graphic Designer
-Re-branded internal and client-facing documents .
-Designed in-house marketing and client newsletters.
-Designed marketing materials that have grown SPC's mailing list
and established them as the go-to company for affiliate marketing information

How Do You Roll? Creative Asian Kitchen
February 2014-November 2014  |  Austin, TX
Creative Marketing Associate
-Responsible for the creative direction and design of all social media content
-Designed corporate sales materials such as franchise brochures,
promotional banners, coupons, and sales presentations.

Thinkery Children's Museum
September 2013-December 2013  |  Austin, TX
Graphic Design Intern
-Designed select exhibit signage along with print material for Thinkery's annual Imaginarium gala.

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I know, I first. But I'm having too much fun playing on Webflow right now so please check out my website on a desktop!