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interaction designer; currently master of design
candidate at the university of washington

* austin >> seattle, architecture student >> graphic designer >> interaction design student


Stage AR


When presenting ideas or telling stories, applications like Google Slides or Powerpoint have become essential. However, with these platforms comes a level of abstraction in communication. With mixed reality, we now have the power to close the abstraction gap. Using the ease of slide deck platforms as a guide and utilizing the voice command of the Hololens, we designed StageAR to enable others to create empathy easily.



In the future, water access could become more restricted in order to avoid a water crisis. For this project I imagined a world 10-15 years in the future that would have to grapple with these restrictions. This speculative design project involves a platform that utilizes the AI system that restricts water in order to allow transactions to happen without physically moving the water.


Sometimes, we don't even know how we feel. mira is something that might help people become more aware of the patterns in their actions and emotions. Using AI technology, mira tracks your emotions and pieces together patterns based on your digital footprint and the location tracking on your phone.

SPC Re-Design

My previous company needed a website face-lift. The marketing team realized that there were two kinds of clients coming to the site: those that already had affiliate programs and those that didn't. It was up to us to present SPC as the go-to place for affiliate knowledge no matter the potential client's level of experience.


AR in
the Wild

Experiments in telling a park’s
story through augmented reality.
(coming soon)


My journey through a
year-long thesis project.
(coming soon)



University of Washington
Seattle, WA | 2017-2019
Master of Design Candidate

Texas A&M University
College Station, TX  |
Environmental Design

Austin, TX | 2014
Front-End Development Course


Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign,
After Effects, Dreamweaver, Premiere

AutoCAD, SketchUp,
InVision, Hubspot


November 2014-February 2017  |  Austin, TX
Graphic Designer
-Re-branded internal and client-facing documents .
-Designed in-house marketing and client newsletters.
-Designed marketing materials that have grown SPC's mailing list
and established them as the go-to company for affiliate marketing information

How Do You Roll? Creative Asian Kitchen
February 2014-November 2014  |  Austin, TX
Creative Marketing Associate
-Responsible for the creative direction and design of all social media content
-Designed corporate sales materials such as franchise brochures,
promotional banners, coupons, and sales presentations.

Thinkery Children's Museum
September 2013-December 2013  |  Austin, TX
Graphic Design Intern
-Designed select exhibit signage along with print material for Thinkery's annual Imaginarium gala.

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