Stage AR


StageAR is a collaborative scene-staging platform that lets anyone create and present life-size scenes.


Interaction Design, Mixed Reality Concept, & Working with Unity


Oscar Marczynski, Henry Davis, Nouela Johnston, & Spencer Weglin


University of Washington,

Professor Axel Roesler

A 3D Staging Platform

When presenting ideas or telling stories, applications like Google Slides or Powerpoint have become essential. However, with these platforms comes a level of abstraction in communication. With mixed reality we have the power to close the abstraction gap.

Objective: To create a collaborative scene-staging platform that lets anyone create and present life-size scenes.

Solution: Using the ease of slide deck platforms as a guide and utilizing the voice command of the Hololens, we designed StageAR to enable others to create empathy easily.


Access a 3D library of objects by voice and place them in a scene.
Use suggested assets to quickly build out complete scenes.
Move throughout your presentation by linking objects to scenes.
Get a birds-eye-view of your presentation through the stage console.


One of the biggest struggles was how to showcase the 3D library StageAR can access. We went through a variety of ideas that took into account how selecting 3D objects would look in differently sized areas.
Initial sketches create "windows" in walls, constellation-like patterns of objects, and using objects appearing closer and more in view as you approach them.
This early SketchUp image shows a wall of options with the ability to edit an object's scale on the platform. Eventually we scrapped the idea of showing the 3D library and used voice command to call up an object. StageAR would then generate a window of other suggested objects that might accompany the first object in the scene.

Looking Forward

In the future, we would like this project to include an option for the staging area to fit to any size room, options for designers to assign sounds and annotations to objects, as well as animated objects that can bring scenes to life.

I know, I first. But I'm having too much fun playing on Webflow right now so please check out my website on a desktop!